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CW Erickson

Category: Bow Press

Limb Grippers

Item #:   GR-66
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A new attachment for the "Big Squeeze" bow press to safely compress and totally breakdown the new beyond parallel limb bows introduced by PSE, BowTech and others in 2008. Limb Grippers simply clip onto the "Delrin Pads" of our adjustable limb forks, and can be adjusted with the pads to accommodate wide or thin limb bows.
Dipped in tough, flexible PVC, Limb Grippers squeeze the bow limbs together at the axel (out of the power band), securely holding the ends of the limbs during compression, and preventing the bow from jumping out of the press when relaxing for total breakdown.
With Limb Grippers installed on the limb fork pads you will be able to squeeze (compress) and totally breakdown the most radical beyond parallel limb bows and many parallel or conventional limb bows.

4 per set.