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CW Erickson

Archery Dealers and Retailers

by Curtis W. Erickson

Archery Pro Shop Dealers that have been in the archery industry for any length of time know not only is it necessary to have a vast in-depth knowledge of archery, bow tuning and archery equipment, but also realize that to convince their customer they are a credible professional in the archery bow tuning field they must look professional. When planning to remodel your archery pro shop and shooting range or open a new archery store,C.W. Erickson's Mfg., LLC (ArcherHunter) has many wall, ceiling and floor bow displays, Big Squeeze Bow Press, bow vise, tuning equipment and range stands you will need to outfit your store and give the dealership that professional archery pro shop look.

Many of our displays are adjustable to accommodate any limb style ( Recurve, Conventional Compound, and Parallel Limbs).

I created an amazing machine, called the Big Squeeze Bow Press to lighten the load for archery pro shop dealers. Big Squeeze is the ideal tool for changing strings, peep sights, cables, cams, limbs and any number of repairs or adjustments on any bow (Compound Bows, Parallel Limb Bows and Crossbows). Big Squeeze Bow Press was built for speed. The power arms cantilever 7.5 inches from open to close and actually squeeze the bow equally from both sides for compression, making it a simple task to compress even the most parallel of limb bows.  New limb styles have flooded the archery market in the past year and I designed a New Limb Fork replacement head that will straddle the cam of the bow and squeeze the limb close to the axel out of the limbs power band. 

Our Adjustable Bow Vise is a must for any archers work bench. Accessory installation, adjustments or repairs are made quickly and easily on bows and crossbows. Easy to operate, this bow vise grasps the limb of any style bow securely and rotates the bow 360 degrees.

Check arrow flight with our Paper Tuning Rack. Locate proper knocking point, arrow rest position and determine stiff or weak arrow spine. Chronograph Stands hold any chronograph securely to time arrow speed. Our Handy Stand and Dandy One are convenient and practical ways to hold your bow and arrows while shooting on the range no more leaving your bow and arrows on the ground.