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CW Erickson

About Archer Hunter

by Curtis W. Erickson

Buffalo, Minnesota USA

ArcherHunter -- C.W. Erickson's Mfg., LLC. was established 1983 when I attempted to manufacture and market a new concept in climbing tree stands. Business began in a 26 x 40-ft. pole building on my 10-acre hobby farm near Buffalo Minnesota. Well...the new concept did not go over too well, and in 1986, I decided to diversify.

Having been in retail management for 10 years, I saw a lot of archery shops opening up where the owner had just moved from his basement or garage into a store front. He had space for racks and shooting lanes but manufacturing of displays and fixtures for the archery industry was quite limited at the time. (My belief is that if you're going to be a professional -- in any industry -- it really helps to look professional).

I designed a number of displays, fixtures and equipment that would show off those $500-$1000 bows in a professional manner, organize shooting lanes, and help make everyday routine in the Pro Shop a little easier.   

Manufacturing 5 styles of dealer bow displays, 2 bow presses, a paper tuning rack and bow & arrow stands for shooting lanes or outdoor ranges, we now have fixtures and equipment to give any Pro Shop that "PRO LOOK".

In 1986 I also designed one of the first unique tree stand bow rests that was able to hold all styles of bows (compound, recurve and long bow). I saw many useful accessories coming on the market that were very fancy, and in turn, cost a lot of money. I also saw a number of bowhunters, like myself, that loved the sport of bowhunting but just did not have the money to spend on many of these fancy high buck accessories.

I remembered the old "KISS" (keep it simple stupid) theory from college, and designed a number of practical accessories that have no frills, they are functional and they are affordable.

C.W. Erickson's Mfg., LLC now manufactures many bow holders,  a skinning gambrel, wall displays and numerous other items for bowhunters and campers.

In 1993 I built A 50 X 72 FT. addition to my building and with the assistance of a new computer system, we can now perform 90% of all manufacturing (cutting, drilling, grinding, welding, sewing, assembly, packing, shipping) and bookkeeping in our own facility - lowering costs - leading to more control on production.

The future goal of C.W. Erickson's Mfg., LLC is to be a major supplier of FUNCTIONAL - AFFORDABLE  archery, bowhunting and camping equipment and be THE SPECIALIST in providing Pro Shop fixtures and equipment.